Impact Story detail

Mini tent house generates livelihood

Beneficiary: New Star Youth Group

Place: Khawas Khijri, Lohardaga (Jharkhand)


This is a story about ‘New Star Youth Group’ in village Khawas Khijri. Khawas Khijri is a remote village that comes under Bhandara block in Lohardaga district, Jharkhand. Before the formation of ‘New Star Youth Group’, villagers had to depend entirely on farming and agriculture and thus had to face various difficulties to sustain livelihood. 

One fine day the villagers got to know about JTDS’s (Jharkhand Tribal Development Society) plan to form a group, in which 10 youths stepped up to the opportunity and created ‘New Star Youth Group’. Following several meetings with JTDS officers, Jharkhand Government decided to allot a seed capital of Rs 20,000 to the newly formed New Star Youth Group. Upon receiving the amount, the group immediately made use of the funds and began creating tent houses.

The group used Rs.15,000 to procure raw materials for creating tents. In a remote village like Khawas Khijri, there was no proper arrangement for any program or celebration, hence the tent house plan started gaining popularity. This inexpensive and convenient set up was preferred by the locals, and hence the demand for tents began to increase following which New Star Youth Group started making Rs. 1000 per booking. Mini tent house plan has been effectively in action since 2021 and it’s predicted to reap many benefits in coming future. The group has now become empowered and aware through JTDS and created numerous opportunities for people around.