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Spice Collection Centre, Bageyshwari

In order to add value and uplift the production & procurement of locally cultivated spices in east Sikkim, a spice collection center has been established in Bageyshwari village of Thekabong Parkha GPU in Pakyong which is benefitting 150 women members of the producer group and more, also including all the potential beneficiaries of 10 project villages. 


In this center, locally grown spices like Turmeric, Large cardamom, Buckwheat, local millets (Kodo), ginger, etc. are procured and processed which after branding and packaging are supplied out as per demand and coverage. It is maintained and directly managed currently by 17 women members of Producer groups in Bageyshwari Village where the harvested produce is procured for value addition through grading, sorting, slicing, powder making, preserving, branding & packaging of the product followed by demand analyzing market linkage.


This Spice collection center has provided a platform for community members to brand their own products in the market by adding value to it and making it efficient. This step brought awareness among people about the benefits of Spice cultivation. It also led to the identification of women farmers as Entrepreneurs and also awareness about the availability of markets to sell what they produce. We have tried to make women farmers; independent and self-sustained Farmer/Entrepreneurs. 


The Spice collection center was inaugurated on October 12th, 2021 by Shri Ganesh Reddy, CEO, Citizens Foundation along with Shri Jabber Singh, Senior IFS Officer, Director, zoo government of Jharkhand, and Shri Rajiv Tripathi, Joint Commissioner, Central GST.


Selling value-added and branded spices would bring better income and recognition to the Farmers and add spice to their lives and livelihoods. That will be the spices of Prosperity and Happiness.