(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified NGO)
  • Vision-Every inhabitant is self reliant and prosperous through optimum utilisation of available resources.
  • Mission-To make a difference by developing strategies which are practical, acceptable and sustainable
About Us


Welcome to Citizens Foundation

The origin of Citizens Foundation began in year 1993 with the genesis of Gandhi Sporting Club formed by Mr. Ganesh Reddy. Initially the club was involved in community based events like organizing different religious events, collective activities at local level, sports tournaments etc. Gradually, with the realization of having effective community-based programmes, the club took-up activities like organizing events for community awareness, health-based sensitizations etc.

Until early 2002, the organization was informally involved in various social activities which then took up a shape of a formal organization renamed as Citizens Foundation. With the support of six youths inclined towards developmental activities, Citizens Foundation was registered as a NGO under Society’s Registration Act on February 20, 2002. In the initial days it was mostly into health based programmes with a staff of just 2-3 persons. However, due to its effective work on ground, it has expanded well in terms of size and outreach. Today, Citizens Foundation is a well established NGO having a multi-state presence and a huge team of more than 300 members.

Our Mission

To make a difference by developing strategies which are practical, acceptable and sustainable.

Our Vision

Every inhabitant is self-reliant and prosperous through optimum utilization of available resources.

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