Natural Resource Management

Despite rapid urbanization and expanding opportunities in rural Jharkhand over the past decade or so, natural resources like forests, fodder, soil and water continue to play a critical role in the lives and livelihoods of the people and are still the primary source of their livelihood. It is thus crucial to find ways and means of sensitizing the community to the importance of natural resources and actively involve them in their conservation. Citizens Foundation’s efforts have been focused on building and strengthening community institutions around natural resources and make them the primary stakeholders in their conservations. Most of our efforts have been in supporting community institutions in taking up natural resources management initiatives.


The primary objective of our program is to improve the livelihood of the local farmer especially small farmers, by providing them access to different markets.


The Homestead well, Low land well and Lift irrigation for upland and upper medium land were designed to manage the water efficiently for irrigation purposes. Such type of land and water management for improved agriculture practices is helping us to achieve food security and livelihood stabilization for the target group.