Livelihood Promotion

Citizens Foundation has been creating sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor for over two decades now. Our livelihood program creates livelihood opportunities for the local youth through various on-farm, off-farm and skill development initiatives. Through a variety of livelihood initiatives, we attempt to create enough livelihood opportunities for local communities so that they do not have to migrate to the cities for alternative options.


Most families possess some kind of livestock (cows, goats, etc.) and they represent an important source of livelihood, which provides the families with an additional source of income throughout the year.


The livelihood intervention of Citizens Foundation is to create an impact on marginalized community through the sustainable and self help framework. The aim of the organization is to develop sustainable livelihood practices by replicating established models and ensuring food security and poverty alleviation through creating livelihood opportunity through both on- farm and off- farm activities. Capacity building of user communities towards sustainable livelihood practice promoting crop diversity.