(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified NGO)
  • Vision-Every inhabitant is self reliant and prosperous through optimum utilisation of available resources.
  • Mission-To make a difference by developing strategies which are practical, acceptable and sustainable
Livelihood Promotion

Citizens Foundation works with communities and individuals for developing their capacities in managing livelihood activities at microenterprise level. We believe that skill development and service delivery blended with entrepreneurship is the solution to poverty; and thus promote an appropriate livelihood based on the community’s assets, abilities and marketability
We promote on farm, off farm and non-farm livelihood opportunities and facilitate the Primary level CBOs (SHGs, User Groups and Farmers’ club), for production enhancement, secondary level CBOs (Clusters) for aggregations and tertiary level CBOs (Federations) for marketing.
On farm livelihood services

• Promotion of intensification and diversification in farming.
• Increasing agricultural biodiversity to protect and promote germ plasm pool.
• Aggregation & marketing of surplus agriculture produce.

Off farm livelihood services

• Management of breed, feed, disease and Housing Management.
• Transfer of technology & increased reach of services through skilled service providers.

Non-farm livelihood services

• Skill development, value additions and market linkage for artisans and other groups.
• Using natural resource based products & by-products as a raw material for artisans and handicraft work.
• Institutional linkages for design & market development.

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