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Nabard_RIDF Project

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    Jharkhand State Watershed Mission (JSWM), Rural Development Department

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The project cluster is at Bharno Block of Gumla District in Jharkhand. The total selected area of watershed treatment is 5028.4106 ha. The micro watershed is situated in Gumla and Raidih Block of Gumla District in Jharkhand. The total geographical area of the micro watershed area is 5485.1985Ha, out of which proposed project area is 5028.4106 ha.


The role of organization is to facilitate the program by other supporting Community Based Organization (CBO) like Watershed Committee (WC), Self Help Group (SHG), and User’s Group (UG). The role of Watershed Committee is the implementation of the Programme as well as assured contribution in the NRM works. A total of 85 Self Help Group (SHG) and 119 User Group (UG) have been linked within the Project activities.


Rapport building and awareness generation of community members are the first stage for building self confidence to take decisions for implementation of activities. The broad head includes Capacity Building, EPA, Natural Resources Management, Livelihood promotion, Productivity Enhancement and Micro Enterprises, Monitoring and Evaluation, Convergence with Others departments, Exit protocol etc.


The major proposed activities of the NRM section consists of Land Development, Agro forestry Plantation and Fodder Cultivation; Soil Moisture Conservation – Field Banding, Farm Banding, CCT, Staggered Trench, WAT and trench –cum- bunding Vegetative & Engineering Structure - Loose Boulder Check, Gully Plugs, Earthen Check Dam and Low cost Drop structure for low land area; Water Harvesting Structure – New Pond, Irrigation well, Well & Chuan Renovation, Dobha and Pacca Check Dam . The Horticulture programme, crop demonstration programme and Capacity building have been designed for various CBOs like SHG, UG, and Watershed Committee. The basic aim of this training programme is Project Orientation as well as Skill Improvement.