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Land and Water Management in Jungle Warfare School at Netarhat

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    Ministry of Welfare, Government of Jharkhand

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    Netarhant, Mahuadnar, Baraitu

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Jungle Warfare School is located at Netarhat in Jharkhand. The entire area is surrounded with dense forest. Most of the streams in this area are seasonal and rejuvenate during monsoon. Due to steep slope and torrential nature of stream during monsoon, most of the stream from upper ridges brings heavy eroded material which gets deposited in valley areas and causes erosion at the site area. Lack of water storage bodies, high percolation rate in porous soil and prevalence of soil erosion are the main weaknesses of this area. This area receives an average of 1200 mm of rain, but most of this rain is lost due to inadequate water storage and harvesting structures. It causes erosion in the upper ridges and flooding in the valleys.


The major concept of the plan is to hold the rain water within the campus for longer duration by constructing water harvesting trenches at the uppermost areas. These trenches will help to recharge the ground water and ensure availability of water round the year in the low land area. As per the field observation and identification of potentiality water sources, 4 locations have been identified for construction of ponds at the lower area of the campus. These ponds will act as permanent water source to serve the total requirement of school. The ultimate plan is to utilize the head water tank constructed earlier for the same purpose. The water will be lifted from the pond to two separate concrete water tanks at preferable location. The water tank at ground level will act as intermediate structure for water storage and direct source of water to water treatment unit which has been proposed to be a purification unit. Finally, the treated water will be lifted to the head water tank and water will be supplied to different users by channelizing water through pipe line. It is expected that the plan will help provide a solution to the present water crisis and serve the requirement of the campus for longer duration.