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End Hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

In order to achieve the Goal No. 2 (Zero Hunger), we are working with rural communities, and with an ethos that promotes self-reliance. Citizens Foundation has designed and implemented sustainable solutions for the management of natural resources and food security. Lands previously considered barren and infertile are cultivated with suitable plants through water harvesting and horticultural projects; water sources are conserved and developed in a way that renders land more productive and reliable; links with markets are expanded; and crops are diversified to provide year round food security.

Citizens Foundation took up various land and forestry based interventions in the underserved areas of Jharkhand which resulted on increase in flow of the village stream. The agriculture pattern has undergone a dramatic change in the regions.

Cultivation of vegetables was possible due to the water available for irrigation through check dams, ponds, lift irrigation and slip dams. Farmers also cultivated tomato, cauliflower, cabbage, onion and oilseeds. The lands that remained fallow previously are under green cover.


Natural Resource Management

Despite rapid urbanization and expanding opportunities in rural Jharkhand over the past decade or so, natural resources like forests, fodder, soil and water continue to play a critical role in the lives and livelihoods of the people and are still the primary source of their livelihood. It is thus crucial to find ways and means of sensitizing the community to the importance of natural resources and actively involve them in their conservation. Citizens Foundation’s efforts have been focused on building and strengthening community institutions around natural resources and make them the primary stakeholders in their conservations. Most of our efforts have been in supporting community institutions in taking up natural resources management initiatives.


The primary objective of our program is to improve the livelihood of the local farmer especially small farmers, by providing them access to different markets.


The Homestead well, Low land well and Lift irrigation for upland and upper medium land were designed to manage the water efficiently for irrigation purposes. Such type of land and water management for improved agriculture practices is helping us to achieve food security and livelihood stabilization for the target group.

Livelihood Promotion

Citizens Foundation has been creating sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor for over two decades now. Our livelihood program creates livelihood opportunities for the local youth through various on-farm, off-farm and skill development initiatives. Through a variety of livelihood initiatives, we attempt to create enough livelihood opportunities for local communities so that they do not have to migrate to the cities for alternative options.


Most families possess some kind of livestock (cows, goats, etc.) and they represent an important source of livelihood, which provides the families with an additional source of income throughout the year.


The livelihood intervention of Citizens Foundation is to create an impact on marginalized community through the sustainable and self help framework. The aim of the organization is to develop sustainable livelihood practices by replicating established models and ensuring food security and poverty alleviation through creating livelihood opportunity through both on- farm and off- farm activities. Capacity building of user communities towards sustainable livelihood practice promoting crop diversity.