Impact Story detail

Youth group profiting from fisheries

Beneficiary: New Youth Group

Place: Kaspur, Lohardaga (Jharkhand)


Kaspur is an agricultural village situated at the foothills in Lohardaga district, Jharkhand. The youth are majorly involved in seasonal employment and depend on wages to support their livelihood. During the implementation of JTELP project in Kaspur by JTDS, a youth group was formed here to generate employment and make them financially stronger and organized

The newly formed youth group decided to plan for fisheries to utilize the seed capital provided by the government. Now this group is using the amount in different types of activities like fish farming and ginger cultivation to earn profit and expand their reach. This has increased the hope of employment among the youth and the members of the group are more aware, active, and involved more than ever. Support of JTDS has facilitated economic, intellectual and social development of the group and inspired youth across the village. Today this youth group is being discussed all around Kaspur.