As Citizens Foundation, our journey towards the SDGs encompasses a long path and strong track record of catering healthcare services to even the vulnerable parts of states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Meghalaya, Haryana etc. From the general hospitals to the travelling medical vans (through MMUs and MHCs), to dedicated healthcare of malnourished children and even conducting mega health camps, Citizens Foundation is working in multiple healthcare projects taking healthcare to every single person and to specially those who need it the most. With over 25 years of experience in rural healthcare, Citizens Foundation strives to use its expertise to support programs that contribute to the overall wellbeing of people.

PHC Jharkhand

Citizens Foundation partnered with the Government of Jharkhand for maintenance and operation of Primary Health Centers with a view of providing competent clinical care and community outreach services in certain areas of Jharkhand


  • Strengthening the Public Health System in Jharkhand

  • Demonstrating a model for comprehensive PHC, with an emphasis on active community engagement.

  • Enhance the health and well-being of the residents of the area by providing high quality service, innovation and development and to meet identified needs with available resources.

  • Implement all National/States Health Program/interventions including outreach activities.

  • Manage, maintain and ensure that the facilities are run in accordance with the Indian Public Health Standards (IPHA 2012).

CHC Meghalaya

Citizens Foundation operates and manages 2 Community Health Centres (CHCs) in Ichamati, located in the Shella Bholaganj Block of the East Khasi Hills District and Nongkhlaw CHC in the Mairang Block of West Khasi Hill District. Both centers have 30 beds each and provide comprehensive services to approximately 12,000 beneficiaries each by being in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of a year. This partnership between the NRHM, Government of Meghalaya and Citizens Foundation began in 2008. Over the past 13 years, the beneficiary attendance under our management has steadily increased every year.


  • To provide all the Health/Medical/Family Welfare Services, curative, preventive and promotive healthcare services.

ONGC Foundation

Developing 75 Anganwadi Centers and Up skilling Anganwadi workers Citizens Foundation has partnered with ONGC Foundation for “Developing 75 Anganwadi Centers and Up skilling Anganwadi workers to ensure sustainable childhood care and nutritional support to target groups in the state of Jharkhand, Nagaland, Assam and Andhra Pradesh.


  • To upgrade 75 Anganwadi Centres (AWC’s) and Upskilling Anganwadi workers to ensure nutritional support and sustainable childhood care which caters to children in the 0-6 age group and lactating and pregnant women.

  • Ensure the capacity building of the AWC’s workers through trainings across 75 AWC’s centers for smooth functioning through workshops and meetings.

  • To bring awareness on nutrition, health and pre-school education.

  • To ensure dissemination of information through training sessions pertaining to health services.

  • To ensure set up of Kitchen Garden for benefit of nutrition to pregnant and lactating mothers


Citizens Foundation has been striving to outreach with healthcare services for the past 11 years to the remote pockets of 12 districts in through Mobile Medical Units (MMUs). This is a boon for the vulnerable communities in areas with limited CHCs and PHCs and who lack resources to access healthcare at critical times. The services provided through MMUs covers the following aspects for fundamental right to health:


  • Promotional:- To raise awareness and carry best hygienic practices in the health sector that encourage community participation.

  • Preventative:- “Prevention is better than cure.” Accurate diagnosis of health at MMUs prevents from risk of fatal diseases.

  • Curative:- Provision of first aid, treatment of minor ailments and early detection of communicable diseases ensures fast recovery.

  • Family Planning:- Educates and provides support to parents in planning and executing the number of children and time span between childbirths for the good health of mother and baby.

  • Reproductive and Child Health:- Healthy mothers build healthy families. MMUs provide ante natal and post natal care for healthy mother and child.

ESL Vedanta

Citizens Foundation joined hands with ESL Vedanta to improve health services of the rural poor through Integrated Interventions and Resource Centre in Chas and Chandankiyari blocks of Bokaro. Under the project AAROGYA it aims to illuminate health issues through management of health clinics and establish better convergence among concerned departments and key stakeholders. Empower the health facilities for screening of the diseases among community and resolving health issues through introduction of Medical Mobile Units for effectiveness of Health care Society. It sensitizes the community on common preventable health problems and improve the capabilities at all levels of the society to asses and analyze problem and to design appropriate action through genuine community involvement.

ADANI Foundation

Citizens Foundation has collaborated with ADANI Foundation to provide healthcare support and intervention through mobile medical units in the Gondulpura Coal block, Barkagaon, Hazaribagh to the vulnerable groups.

  • Increased Access to Healthcare: Mobile medical units bring healthcare services to people who may not have access to healthcare facilities or who may have difficulty accessing healthcare services due to mobility issues or transportation barriers. They can be particularly helpful in rural or remote areas where access to healthcare services may be limited.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Mobile medical units can be customized and designed to meet the specific needs of the community they serve. They can be used for a variety of medical services, including primary care, dental care, vaccinations, and testing for various illnesses.

  • Cost-Effective: Mobile medical units can be a cost-effective way to provide healthcare services, especially in areas where building a traditional healthcare facility may be cost-prohibitive. They also require less maintenance and have lower overhead costs than traditional healthcare facilities.

  • Emergency Response: Mobile medical units can be quickly deployed in response to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, or other emergencies. They can provide immediate medical care to those in need and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

  • Health Education: Mobile medical units can be used to provide health education and disease prevention information to the community they serve. They can help raise awareness about health issues and promote healthy behaviors, leading to improved health outcomes.

Kalyan Hospitals

Citizens Foundation collaborated with Department of Tribal Welfare for operation and management of two Tribal Welfare at Barachiru, Chaibasa and Pathna, Sahebganj district of Jharkhand.


  • Provide free of cost quality healthcare to the underprivileged, especially tribal population.

  • Developing Tribal Welfare Hospitals as First Referral Unit (FRU).

  • To bring in private sector efficiency for quality healthcare services delivery


Citizens Foundation organized a series free of cost health camp at various villages of East Singhbum, Jharkhand from 30th January 2022 to 20th March 2022, which was sponsored by former State Secretary of BJP and independent Director, RITES Limited Dr. Dineshanand Goswami.


  • Output: Free of cost health services like health checkups and distribution of medicines were administered to 5877 patients by experienced and specialist doctors. These services were rolled out by doctors from leading and specialized hospitals in cardiology, lungs, gynecology, surgery, eyes, general medicine, dental and various other diseases in Jamshedpur and other areas. The health camp not only organized general checkups for ECG, X-ray, blood pressure etc. but a full body checkup was ensured through a high tech machine.

  • Outcome: Ensured access to health services at the remotest areas. The further treatment of patients will be sponsored under Ayushman Scheme at various hospitals such as Sanjivini Eye Hospital at Ulidih, where they will be operated free of cost. Similarly, patients diagnosed with cardiology and stone related diseases will be treated free of cost in hospitals at Ranchi and Jamshedpur under Ayushman Scheme.