In its commitment towards SDGs Citizens Foundation implements projects aimed at conservation of the natural resources. It develops strategies to incorporate technologies to protect and preserve the flora and fauna to maintain the balance in the ecosystem through various programs under NABARD, JTELP, IWMP etc These programs primarily focus on watershed management, water conservation infrastructure, integrated soilwater-nutrient management, climate justice agriculture, and waste management


In joint capacity with NABARD under the NABARD-RIDF program Citizens Foundation has taken up the project of watershed management in ten villages of Gumla and Raidih Blocks of Gumla Districts. The project cluster is at Bharno Block of Gumla District in Jharkhand. The total selected area of watershed treatment is 5028.4106 ha. Rapport building and consciousness generation of community members are the first stage for building self-assurance to take decisions for implementation of activities.

The broad head contains Capacity Building, EPA, Natural Resources Management, Livelihood promotion, Productivity Enhancement and Micro Enterprises, Monitoring and Evaluation, Convergence with Others departments, Exit protocol etc. The activities like agriculture and horticulture under this project focuses on organic farming and establishing livelihood development of agriculture especially with cultivation of vegetables, oil seed pulses, floriculture, kitchen garden, back yard plantation, SRI method of paddy cultivation, organic and etc. The Horticulture programme, crop demonstration programme and Capacity building have been premeditated for various CBOs like SHG, UG, and Watershed Committee. The elementary objective of this training programme is Project Orientation as well as Skill Development.


In another move to combat the problem of water scarcity for farmers, our watershed management program aims to become a sustainable means to support agriculture in the arid areas of Jharkhand. The program’s primary objective is to create surplus water storage capabilities and motivate farmers to undertake unique water conservation techniques such as storm water harvesting, to tackle the poor water holding capacity in the areas. The programs have been instrumental in influencing farmers to shift from the soil destroying mono crop techniques of farming to multi-crop techniques, enabling them to have sufficient food grains in time of need. Poverty alleviation and hunger elimination are the objectives this program seeks to achieve, and it has been successful in increasing crop diversity and increasing irrigation volumes. Currently, the program has been initiated in 25 villages across 3 districts namely Gumla and Latehar.


In order to better serve tribal populations and improve their living standards, Citizens Foundation is carrying out project JTELP as FNGO in Borio block of Sahibgunj district and Bhandra block of Lohardaga district of Jharkhand where more than 50% of rural population is tribal. Aimed at improving their livelihood, health conditions and natural resource mobilization, Jharkhand Tribal Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Programme focus on a variety of aspects to improve the quality of life. The program also focuses on community participation awareness and mobilization of the community to conserve and manage natural resources within the boundaries of Borio and Bhandra Blocks of the state. Citizens Foundation operates this program through forming self-help groups and focuses on women participation and generating additional sources of income through activities such as poultry, dairy and handicrafts.