For Citizens Foundation, our journey towards realizing the Sustainable Development Goal 5 of Good Health and Well Being encompasses of a long and strong track record in providing healthcare services to the remotest parts of states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and Meghalaya. From general hospitals to the travelling medical vans (through MMUs and MHCs) to the dedicated healthcare for malnourished children and even mega health camps, Citizens Foundation is working on more than 40 healthcare projects taking healthcare to the people who need it the most. With over 20 years of experience in rural healthcare, Citizens Foundation strives to use its expertise to support programs that contribute to the overall wellbeing of people.

Mobile Medical Unit

  • Partners: Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Jharkhand For the past 10 years, Citizens Foundation has been providing access to quality healthcare to underserved communities in isolated rural areas through our Mobile Medical Units (MMU). With presence in 12 districts in rural Jharkhand, acting as the sole care provider for many vulnerable communities in those areas, our MMUs seek to improve the overall public health through innovative service delivery methods


    • Promotional: To raise awareness and promote best practices in the health sector that encourage community involvement

    • Preventative: To realize the overall status of ‘wellbeing’ so that prevention of the occurrence of the disease is important

    • Curative: To complete treatment of minor ailments and early detection of communicable diseases

    • Family Planning: To educate and support parents in the planning and execution of determining the number of and spacing of child births due to their particular circumstances

    • Reproductive and Child Health: To encourage a state of physiological health with regard to reproductive health

Community Health Centre

  • Partners: Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Meghalaya in conjunction with National Health Mission (NHM)

    Citizens Foundation operates and manages Community Health Centers (CHC) in Meghalaya, consisting of 60 bedded and provides comprehensive services to approximately 24000 beneficiaries; operating 24x7 or 365 days in a year. This partnership between the NHM, Govt. of Meghalaya and Citizens Foundation started in 2008 and under its management, the beneficiary’s attendance has steadily increased per year over the past 12 years.

  • MMU

Kalyan Hospital

  • Partners:Tribal Welfare Commissioner, Department of Welfare, Jharkhand

    Citizens Foundation in association with the TWC is responsible for operation, maintenance & management of two tribal welfare MESO Hospitals in Sahibgunj and Chaibasa districts of Jharkhand. The organisation provides medical and clinical services through the two facilities to the remotest tribal pockets of the state of Jharkhand While the Sahibganj unit started functioning as a full-fledged Kalyan hospital in December 2018, the Chaibasa Kalyan Hospital has so far been run as an OPD for six days a week.

  • MMU

NRC Bhagalpur

  • Partners:District Health Society, Bihar

    Although High Infant Mortality has been a huge challenge for the country over the decades since independence, the scenario has slowly improved over the past few years. This is the result of years of targeted interventions focused on the root causes of child, infant, and neonatal mortality. These interventions usually target vulnerable communities, providing them access to preventative care, curative care, reproductive and family planning services, and proven nutrition interventions to combat the widespread malnutrition. The Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar is one such initiative that aims to combat Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) in children from 0-59 months of age. The program asks for mothers and their children that are affected by SAM to come to the centre for a 3-week period of intensive care. During that time, the NRC provides adequate feeding and medical care to children and infants, training for mothers to learn how to prepare nutrient rich food on a limited budget utilizing locally sourced ingredients along with additional training for mothers on the topics of both nutrition and hygiene so that they can continue to give their children proper care after leaving the centre to successfully combat the after effects of SAM. A small stipend for mothers to offset loss of wages while at the center is also given out; building a foolproof outreach system that fights the ailment of malnutrition at a grass root level.

  • MMU

Mobile Health Clinic

  • Partners:National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

    National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) along with Citizens Foundation started a Mobile Health Clinic in November 2016 to reach out to the people of Tandwa Block in Chatra with proper healthcare facilities. It was started for the relief of the under-served people of Tandwa, who earlier had little to no access to primary healthcare near them. It focuses on minor ailments, immunizations, ante natal care and post natal care among other things. These interventions usually target vulnerable communities, providing them access to preventative care, curative care, reproductive and family planning services, and proven nutrition interventions to combat the widespread malnutrition.

  • MMU

Outreach Health Services Delivered by MMUs between 2009 and 2020

  1. Curative –Communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases, minor surgical procedures, ultrasound, ECG, Auto-analyzer, X-Ray- 1217885
  2. Reproductive and Child Health Services – ANC, PNC- 178540
  3. Family Planning Services – Counseling for spacing and permanent method, distribution of condoms, oral contraceptives and IUD insertions - 22981



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