BeneficiaryPincho Sherpa (7 members in Household) & Rikchen Sherpa (4 members in Household)
State Sikkim
DistrictPakyong District 
VillagesSafung, Linkey Parakha GPU
Established inSafung Project Ward
Implemented byCitizens Foundation
Supported byHDFC Parivartan



 In Safung village of Linkey Parakha GPU in Pakyong, two beneficiaries for Household Support to promote Goatery were selected keeping in consideration the review of challenges faced by single beneficiary in first year. Here two people named Pincho Sherpa (provided with 4 smaller female goats) & Rikchen Sherpa (provided with 1 male goat and 2 female goats) were identified as beneficiaries for HH Support to promote Goatery. This set up was made as per demand of the community and approval of higher authorities for more benefits at ground level. 



Pincho Sherpa along with his family of 7 including 3 daughters, 1 son, 1 brother and wife where they all are involved in generating livelihood excluding children who are studying. Rikchen Sherpa has a family of 4 members including his wife and 2 sons.  In the tenure of one year, after rearing and caring the goats very well, Pincho Sherpa now has 5 goats and Rikchen Sherpa has 7 goats out of 3 which he received. Apart from this activity, they are involved in growing vegetables like spinach, radish, peas, potato, ground apple, etc., as well as maize, cardamom, etc., They are also involved in poultry and has cows too. This doubling of number of goats by splitting the flock of taking great care has ended up them fetching good revenue and great possibility to pass on the goats to other beneficiaries. 



Sometimes, if a benefit is shared by splitting it as per demand of community; it brings back great benefits and income. The Household Support to promote Goatery is not only an additional livelihood opportunity but also an option to earn good amount of income if the livestock has been taken care and linked with market in terms of its demand and precise supply when required. 



When rearing and caring of livestock is a part of lifestyle and culture and sharing become a habit, Profits knock the door.