Dilli Ram Sharma

(Household of 04 members)

State Sikkim
VillagesLapthang, Linkey Parkha GPU
Established inLapthang Project Ward
Implemented byHRDP Sikkim Citizens Foundation
Supported byHDFC Parivartan CSR Initiative


To promote additional livelihood and skills, Lapthang Ward established 'Household Support for Bee Farming & Floriculture' in Thekabong Parakha GPU. The integrated Bee Farming and Floriculture Unit boosts flower cultivation skill and honey production. Dilli Ram Sharma, a retired army personnel turned farmer, benefited from the program. Trained in apiculture and flower cultivation, he spread knowledge to remote areas. Alongside Lapthang Producer Group, his family also benefited, selling flowers locally and honey through HRDP Sikkim's Rural Outlet.



Dilli Ram Sharma (65 years old,) along with his son and daughter has been involved in farming primarily as well as growing vegetables and rearing livestock including cows, etc. He is also into making, constructing and exhibiting ancient extinct heritage toolsets for agriculture and instruments, which depicts the culture of Sikkim agriculture history with domestic equipment. He has been benefitted by the activity in learning a new skill and also gaining income for his household and he also has proved himself a resource in sharing the same knowledge he gained.



The incorporation of a new skill within the village brings forth a fresh range of activities, or enhances existing ones with upgraded techniques. This not only benefits the community as a whole but also leads to increased earnings for the members of the Producer Group. Just as a sincere individual requires a spark to radiate like the flame of knowledge, these skills serve as that spark, illuminating their path to brilliance.