Chandrakala Sharma

(Household of 04 members)

State Sikkim
VillagesLapthang, Thekabong Parakha GPU
Established inLapthang Project Ward
Implemented byCitizens Foundation
Supported byHDFC Parivartan


In order to promote the cultivation of spices in Sikkim, ginger rhizomes were distributed in all the villages to the members of community so that they could cultivate ginger and enhance the will to promote the spice cultivation just like turmeric seeds in first year of Project. In Lapthang village of Thekabong Parakha GPU in Pakyong, Chandrakala Sharma was provided with ginger rhizomes by Citizens Foundation in support of HDFC Parivartan. Similarly all villages of projects were provided with ginger rhizomes for cultivating ginger benefitting members of each household.


Chandrakala Sharma (35 years old) and Khom Nath Sharma (Husband, 40 years) having two daughters Samiksha (7 years old) and Sudeshna (1 year old) work in the field where they cultivate Cardamom, Maize, vegetables along with Ginger rhizomes as additional livelihood option. The community was initially reluctant to grow spices which have local importance as they were not having a proper market linkage to sell it. However, Citizens foundation in support of HDFC Parivartan has integrated the Farmers with Spice processing center, Bageyshwari where they could not only promote spice cultivation but also sell then produce to the spice center in bageyshwari. That supported farmers to sell their produce at Centre without any hustle.


Chandrakala Sharma is also a local representative and a home maker. She has grown ginger and earned profit from the same successfully which has made others realize that spice cultivation was always beneficial provided market linkage was managed for them by Citizens Foundation efficiently. The produce was sold and income was generated making it a profit transaction. 


Promoting spice cultivation is a step to make community realize that what they are good at, is the need of the hour. Let the external factors and middlemen not affect it. Strategic cultivation with market linkage is essential. Successful and sustainable in making people self-reliant.

Backyard Spice Cultivation
Turmeric Produce